Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Serra High wins student store competition

Business management and ownership  students at Serra High School developed a mobile unit for their student store Super Q that helped the team win this year’s College, Career and Technical Education Student Store Competition.

Students at five high schools -- Serra, Mission Bay, Clairemont, Kearny and San Diego -- took on the challenge to create “something innovative to impact sales” in their campus student stores.

Serra High’s team was presented with the Chairman’s Award and the award for Best Written Plan for their mobile unit idea. The students created a mobile storefront that could be set up anywhere on campus. The idea proved to be a huge success, especially on hot days when the students decided to sell popsicles at an additional location on campus.

Mission Bay student shows stats from Facebook
Mission Bay High’s student team used social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to promote their student store. They received the awards for Best Oral Presentation and Best Innovation.

Ideas from the other competitors included Clairemont High’s use of a survey to determine what new products to try in small quantities before adding them to the permanent menu at the Chief’s Hut and Kearny High students enhanced their product selection at the Komet Korner.

San Diego High reconfigured their queue lines to allow for faster service, which lead to better customer service at the Rock. This idea, along with increased efficiency at the student store, allowed the annual portion of profits used for scholarships awarded to some of the business management and ownership students working in the student store to increase by $5,000 this year for a total of $18,000.

The five-member business management and ownership student teams met with business mentors connected with the Levin Center at San Diego State University. The mentors helped guide the students in writing a business plan and preparing the oral presentation used to defend their plan during the competition. Business mentors included: Craig Stevens (Clairemont), Doug Wall (Serra), Amy Klingborg (San Diego), Kevin Popovic (Mission Bay), and Robert Reyes (Kearny).

For more information about the Student Store Competition or the business management and ownership course, please contact Dean Darley, CCTE Program Specialist, at