Friday, August 2, 2013

Class of 2013 comes to close with all-district Summer Commencement Ceremony

High school seniors who hadn't fulfilled graduation requirements in time for June ceremonies with their high school class will take the graduation walk in San Diego Unified's annual Summer Commencement Ceremony, 2:30 p.m. Friday, August 2, at Lincoln High School, 4777 Imperial Ave. (92111).

"These students have been working towards this goal their entire lives,"said Superintendent Cindy Marten, who will officiate at the ceremony. "Truly, they've lived by our 'no excuses' rule and have made it through many challenges. They deserve to take the ceremonial walk of graduates."

Students from all of the district's 18 high school campuses will participate. Each student's name, as in the traditional ceremony, is read aloud, and students wear the caps and gowns in their school's traditional colors.

Seniors who participated are those who may not have passed the California
High School Exit Exam in time for June graduation, or needed summer school
to pick up credits needed to graduate.

The special summer ceremony has been a district tradition since 2005. Before this late-summer ceremony was established, students would eventually receive a diploma by mail but wouldn't be able to participate in a graduation ceremony.

High school graduation requirements include 44 semester credits, a 2.0 or
higher grade point average, science and math course requirements, and passing the exit exam.