Monday, December 16, 2013

Charity helps put shoes on 6,000 students

More than 6,000 athletic shoes have been donated to San Diego Unified School District by FOCUS North America as part of the charity's "Operation Lace Up."
Shoe recipient Working with the district's Office of Children and Youth in Transition, the donations reached students at 75 schools where the need was greatest.

"So far, approximately 6,000 students have received new shoes." said Vanessa Peters, Director of the Office of Children and Youth in Transition, "thanks to the efforts of school staff who identified needy students, measured feet, and picked up shoes at the district warehouse for final distribution."

Parents and kids were grateful for the shoes, with staff receiving notes such as this one: “Thank you for the gift of shoes given to Israel. Thanks, Israel’s Mom.”

Cherokee Point Principal Godwin Higa reported that “the kids were
ecstatic with their new shoes.”
FOCUS North America will be providing another 6,000 pairs of shoes in the spring for a second major distribution event, according to Peters. For more information, contact her at