Monday, February 10, 2014

Professionals take aim at Serra High students' resumes, interview skills

Marketing students at Serra High School spent several weeks polishing resumes and cover letters, learning about ways to highlight their marketable skills, and how to conduct themselves in a professional interview. Then the cold calls started. Each student participated in securing more than 40 professionals from a variety of industries to come to Serra High to conduct mock interviews.
Between all of the classes, the students contacted more than 300 businesses and organizations to participate. The students organized the entire event from establishing the agendas for the day, the rotation schedule, the interview questions and materials given to the interviewers, and even emceed the event themselves.

Trevor Hall, a junior, said, “It really made me feel like if tomorrow I had a job interview, I could walk in there with no fear or doubt that I would be relaxed and do my best. Kim-Chi Nguyen, another student, thought the experience was valuable because, “I have a hard time talking to people in general. I've failed an interview in the past because I was not prepared. This time, I was able to practice a lot and also got great feedback from my interviewer on what to improve and what to keep the same with my answers and behavior.”

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