Friday, December 5, 2014

Harvest of the Month is Organic Bloomsdale Spinach

The Harvest of the Month for December and January is Organic Bloomsdale Spinach from Go Green Agriculture in Encinitas, Calif. Find this super veggie on your school salad bar every Wednesday during the months of December and January.

Spinach Go Green Agriculture is a pioneer in growing organic greens using hydroponics and has been recognized on the local state and federal level for their innovative model of farming. Farmer Pierre was invited to the White House this summer to receive the Champion of Change award in the Future of Agriculture.

To help educate students on where the Harvest of the Month produce item comes from, we have created monthly Harvest of the Month videos that act as virtual field trips to the farm. These videos are an opportunity to connect students to their food and local farmers. We encourage principals to have their teachers share the videos in the classroom so students can experience the full circle of their food.

Please share these Virtual Field Trip Video links with teachers, staff and students: