Friday, June 5, 2015

Schools, work sites impacted by state-mandated water use restrictions

As most of us are aware, California is in a multi-year drought. In April, Governor Brown mandated water use restrictions and reductions to begin Monday, June 1, 2015, and remain in place until Feb 28, 2016.

When in drought, save every day, every way As a result, the district's Auxiliary Services has created water restrictions for school and work sites. These state-mandated restrictions will impact various district work practices, which should result in the 16 percent monthly reduction of water use as compared to the water used each month of 2013.  

The restrictions were developed with the health and well-being of staff, students and parents as the priority while complying with state-mandated water use restrictions.

Irrigation, particularly grass, uses the most water in the district. Watering for lawns will be reduced or stopped, which will result in lawns turning brown over the summer. Playfields, trees and shrubs will be watered and maintained for education activities. Watering school education gardens will be limited to Mondays and Fridays before 10 a.m. for no more than 10 minutes for any area. All student car washes are strictly prohibited.

Saving water is everyone’s responsibility. Below are some simple guidelines to follow everyday:
  • While washing hands, turn off water between application of soap

  • Listen for toilet leaks and report immediately to POS/BSS

  • Watch for leaking faucets and drinking fountains and report immediately to POS/BSS 
Practice diligence in reporting water leaks with a work order. Submit a repair request to or call 858- 627-7250 to have it placed in a high-priority status. This applies to anything from dripping faucets to toilet and irrigation leaks.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Darin Vey, Energy/Utilities Program Supervisor at .

For more information on water-saving tips and programs, visit