Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SD Unified Receives Grants for Homeless Students, Cafeteria Equipment

The state Department of Education has announced two large grants to San Diego Unified: $628,216 for new food preparation equipment; and $80,700 to help homeless students. Both are part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The $628,216 will go toward purchasing equipment for the district's school cafeterias and central kitchen. Applicants were required to demonstrate a need for the equipment focusing on four areas: increasing participation; contributing to nutritional quality; contributing to food safety; and contributing to energy efficiency. San Diego Unified's Food Services Department was able to make the case for the grant award.

The $80,700 grant in McKinney-Vento funds is to assist homeless students, according to the California Department of Education. McKinney-Vento funds are provided to assist schools in addressing the educational and related needs of homeless students.

Schools can use the funds for programs for pre-school-aged homeless children; before- and after-school programs, mentoring, and summer programs with educational activities. The funds also can be used to cover costs associated with tracking, obtaining, and transferring records of homeless children as well as other services.

San Diego Unified's efforts in helping homeless students are outlined on the district's website.