Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Students Get Taste of Auto Racing, History at Speed Festival

Above, students show off a test engine. Below, Christi Edelbrock and her legendary father, Vic, show students what makes her vintage race car run.
 Looking under hood
Automotive technology students from Crawford and Clairemont high schools got a taste of auto and racing technology as visitors to the Coronado Speed Festival, where they were guests of the organizer, Fleet Week San Diego, and Edelbrock Corporation.

The festival, held as part of 2011 Fleet Week Sept. 24-25, gave the students the opportunity to not only meet racing legends such as Vic Edelbrock and his daughter, Christi, but see vintage race cars in action and the work needed to keep them running.

"My parents brought me here before, but we're doing alot more today," said one Crawford student. "I really liked meeting Christi and seeing how her race car works."

Crawford automotive technology teacher Carl Kingsbury transported a test engine from the Crawford shop to the Speed Festival, allowing students to demonstrate what they've learned to the thousands who attended. The running test-bed engine is used by students to learn how to convert gasoline powered engines to operate on cleaner, alternative fuels.

The engine was purchased with funds from the Jimmie Johnson Foundation/Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Champions, and also allows students to test the efficiency of various fuels. The students were housed in the Edelbrock Corporation exhibit as the personal guests of the Edelbrocks, strong supporters of San Diego Unified's automotive career paths.

"It was such a pleasure having the students here today," said Christi Edelbrock. "We're honored to help educate the next generation."

Naval Air Station North Island hosted the event filled with exhibitions and fast-paced, thrilling auto racing on the runways used by the U.S. Navy. The students were able to tour the garage areas/pits and watch as the racecars went through their final inspections before hitting the track. For more information, please contact Greg Quirin, CCTE Program Specialist, at (858) 503-1736 or gquirin@sandi.net.  For more information on the Speed Festival, visit its website.