Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lindbergh-Schweitzer Elementary Joins with Madison High to Promote "No Name Calling"

It's only a bit more than a mile between the Clairemont area Lindbergh-Schweitzer Elementary School and Madison High School, but for students from Lindbergh-Schweitzer, it was a distance that symbolized the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and the effort to stop bullying throughout all schools in the area.

The half-hour walk made by six students and two faculty members from Lindbergh-Schweitzer to Madison, where they were welcomed by members of Madison's student government during the .

"They treated us like royalty," said Deanne Rohde, principal of Lindbergh Schweitzer, which is a service learning magnet school. "At their lunch pep rally for I Pledge Week, our students were introduced and our banner presented."

The banner read "Let It Begin With Me..." to honor Dr. King and his message of peace. Following its display at Madison on Jan. 23, the banner took its place on the Lindbergh-Schweitzer campus.

"Students have been working hard on social skills and positive behavior on campus,"said Muriel Bartolini, vice principal. "Student-drawn posters, door signs, and assemblies have all focused on Safety, Responsibility, Respect and Success."

The students plan a future march to Innovation Middle School, which is nearly two miles away.

For more information, contact Rohde at (858) 496-8400.