Thursday, February 16, 2012

Math Clash Consumes Clairemont Cluster

The competition was intense, neighbor against neighbor, but in the end Holmes Elementary narrowly edged out the other schools in the Clairemont High cluster --  Alcott, Bay Park, Toler, Cadman and Longfellow elementary schools, and Marston Middle School -- as the Trimathalon 2012 was held Feb. 3 at the Marston campus.
A math competition for "mathletes" of all abilities and skill levels, the grade 3-6 the event was divided up by grades. Holmes took in a first-place and two second-place prizes, with Longfellow capturing a first, second and third places. Nearly 70 students competed in grades 3-6. The Pt. Loma Matnasium franchise provided assistance with the day's events.
The contest features three worksheets that use number sense, not special formulas or calculators. As the sheets were scored, the children were taught a song on chimes which they played for the parents. Prizes for first, second and third were awarded.
Here are the event winners.

Grade Three

1st: Isabel Rojas, Longfellow
2nd: Nate Blum, Holmes
Third: Austin Tran, Toler

Grade Four

First: Alexis Engebretson, Holmes
Second: Ivan Preciado, Toler
Third: Chris Barriga, Alcott

Grade 5

First: Jared Norton, Bay Park
Second: Charlie Jenkins, Holmes
Third: Carlos Marquez, Cadman

Grade 6

First: Johnny Dinh, Marston
Second: Jordan Grayson, Longfellow
Third: Tamera Scott, Longfellow