Monday, May 28, 2012

Montgomery Middle School Students Eye Careers

Have a hand.
 Students check out hand bones.
Montgomery Middle School was the site of a recent gathering of members of some very interesting careers -- ranging from videographers to archaeologists, nurses to translators, as the school's 2012 Career Fair had the theme, "If The Shoe Fits."

Students could speak with a variety of professionals from more than 30 businesses, as the students in grades 6-8 work to figure out what fits for them and how to pick the best educational path.

"I know what I want to be now," said eighth grader Allen Hyunh. He was visiting the Groovy Like A Movie booth and speaking with videographer Brent Altomare. Groovy Like A Movie is a San Diego-based digital video production company that produces TV commercials and other programs.

"It's never too early to have our students exploring professions," said Jonathan Ton, Montgomery Principal. "Today's complex professions require us to begin training students on basic fundamentals right here in middle school. At Montgomery, we have several classes that start students on a career path."

Other professionals on hand included architects, engineers, athletic trainers, court reporters, language translators and paramedics. The district's Office of College, Career and Technical Education organized the event, as it does for several other middle schools around the district.

For more information, contact Ralph West, CCTE Program Manager, at (858) 503-1747 or