Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lincoln High students take original monologues to La Jolla Playhouse

Students Alicia Yancey, Bandon Silva, Izay Harris and Jose Hernandez of Lincoln High performed student-written monologues on issues ranging from drug abuse to teen relationship violence at a recent fundraiser for the La Jolla Playhouse.

The original pieces were written by 40 students in the Business Law and Introduction to Criminal Justice courses during a ten-lesson curriculum program called InterACTion.
Lincoln students perform at the La Jolla Playhouse This program places law enforcement officers and professional theater teaching artists inside the classroom to educate and assist students with skills necessary to cope with issues ranging from drug abuse, sexual assault, teen relationship violence, and gang involvement. InterACTion provides a forum where students can feel free to express themselves in a non-threatening environment, using theater as a medium for communication about powerful issues.

La Jolla Playhouse teaching artist James Pillar, San Diego Police Officer Edwin Garrette, and Ray Beattie, Lincoln Criminal Justice and Business Law teacher, helped the students through the ten-lesson program.

The students then performed their original works at Lincoln High School’s Black Box Theater. Playhouse officials chose four students to perform at its fundraising gala and helped the students create a mini script combining the monologues, but not changing the words of the original writings by the students.

Students Yancey, Silva, Harris and Hernandez met with the gala director, sound and managing staff before the gala to transform their once-individual monologues into a theater form of the combined script featuring all of their works. This was the first kind of this performance for the La Jolla Playhouse as well as for the students.

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