Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary Principal pays off on PTA challenge

The California PTA challenged all PTAs to have 100 percent teacher membership by January 31, and at Lindbergh Schweitzer that was no problem, reports Principal Deanne Rohde.
Celebrating success.
After meeting the goal, Vice Principal Muriel Bartolini had the idea to challenge the students and their families to increase their PTA membership to exceed 250, and if they did, she and Principal Deanne Rohde would come to school with purple hair and serve pizza or ice cream to the classrooms that turned in the most memberships.

"Guess what," said Rohde. "They did it again!"
Robert Patton's second grade and Mary Morgan's fourth grade were the classes that won the treats and helped the membership soar over the 250 mark. The PTA increased their membership which helps students succeed by strengthening the partnership between home and school.

"Congratulations and thank you to all who turned in new PTA memberships," said Rohde.

PTA, sanctioned by the National PTA, are parent-teacher organizations that operate at many San Diego Unified schools. Families are urged to join their school's PTA or other parent-student-teacher organization as a great way to support their school, get more involved in their child's education and network with parents.

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