Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Central Elementary School and Wilson Middle School Site Master Plan meetings coming up

A new site master plan for Central Elementary School and Wilson Middle School is being developed and the public is invited to provide input.

The purpose of the Site Master Plan is to outline a logical, phased facility development plan that will provide new modern facilities for both the middle school and elementary school programs to meet the long-term goals of the schools while best utilizing currently available funds. A long-term vision relating to the educational goals and community needs of each school will be used to develop a conceptual site layout that considers both short- and long-term needs.
Central Elementary School
The process for developing the school’s site master plan will consist of approximately five sessions, with representation from all school stakeholders. At the first meeting, there will be a presentation explaining the purpose for the schools’ site master plan and the process for development. After the initial meeting, there will be approximately four work sessions to develop the site master plan. The first two meetings are:
  • Thursday, Nov. 21, 6:00 p.m., Central Elementary School Multipurpose Room, 4063 Polk Ave. (92105)
  • Thursday, Dec. 12, 6:30 p.m., Wilson Middle School Auditorium, 3838 Orange Ave. (92105)
The rest of the meeting dates will be confirmed during the first session. Locations will alternate between Central and Wilson.

Participants are requested to make a commitment to attend all work sessions for consistency in plan development. It is also requested that participants be committed to the development of a global long-term vision for the schools. The process will focus on a general site plan concept, not details of specific projects. There will be an opportunity to provide input on specific capital facilities bond projects via a separate design task force process.

For additional information please contact Francisco Campuzano, project manager, at fcampuzano@sandi.net and (858) 637-3510.