Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Morse High culinary students take VIPs on tropical trip

The study of cultures around the world can take some unusual twists as VIPs recently found out during a sample of South American delicacies created by the culinary arts students at Morse High School in Skyline.

Morse High chef In their exploration of Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Argentina and Chile, students in the College, Career and Technical Education program didn't just study articles or photos from books or on the web, they were challenged by their teacher, Sarah Smith, Registered Dietitian Jackie Schaffer and Executive Chef Gregory Branham to create foods from each region. Students then had three days to prep the food for presentation and serve them at a special event.

"By all accounts the meals were authentic, organic and superb," said Principal Harry Shelton. "Guests enjoyed the delightful cuisines in the school’s state-of-the-art Prop 1D funded facilities."

Parents and VIPs enjoyed the fruits of the students' learning, calling the dinner "exquisite." During their three week project, they reviewed hundreds of recipes in order to come up with the perfect combination of appetizer, entrée, vegetable side, dessert and refreshing beverage.

Creative thinking that involves community partners, such as Schaffer and Branham, helps motivate students, make learning more enjoyable and creates lasting benefits for students. The lessons learned not only gave the budding chefs at Morse the experience of cooking usual dishes, but also helped them learn about other cultures in a way that could help them when they're out in the workforce. Many Morse graduates have gone on to work in the restaurant and hospitality business, including several chefs at local hotels and restaurants.
Morse High School is a comprehensive high school for students in grades 9-12 located in the Skyline neighborhood. For more information on the Morse programs, contact Principal Shelton at (619) 262-0763.