Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Language Academy eighth-graders excel on AP tests

Language Academy students are serious about mastering multiple languages – and are showing it by successfully testing at the college level.
Language Academy AP Students Twenty students in the school’s AP Spanish course and 16 students in the AP French course passed this year’s Advanced Placement exams administered in May.
“We are so proud of our wonderful school, our language programs and our K-8 faculty,” said Principal Cynthia Arce. “But most of all, we are proud of our incredibly hard-working and talented students.”
Twenty students in Mr. Altamirano’s AP Spanish course successfully passed the exam with an average score of 3.77. Four students earned a 3; Landon D, Isabel M, Niki T, and Capri W. Thirteen students earned a 4; Antony R, Jorge R, Diana R, Julio R, Rodolfo M, Katy P, Joscelynn L, Sofia G, Alyssa D, Alejandra C, Denessa C, Kaitlin B, and Jalani B. Three students earned a 5; Fiona H, Zusan M, and Adrian S.
Sixteen students in Mr. Pique’s AP French course successfully passed the exam with an average score of 3.39. Ten students earned a 3; Shola A., Zoey B., Jewliet C., Charles D., Lauren D., Maya G., Camden K., Emma R., Delaney S., and Zane V. Three students earned a 4; Olivia H., Emily U., and Lucius W. Three students earned a 5; Ashley O., Maya S., and Yasmine S.
The majority of AP exams are taken by high school juniors and seniors, but the world language exams are the only tests made available to younger students.
According to the College Board, the AP Language courses focus on linguistic proficiency and cultural competency, so in rare situations these courses can be successfully offered earlier than ninth grade among students who can already speak, read, and write the language with fluency.
All of the AP students have shown advanced achievement at a college level, and have shown degrees of mastery of their target language. Depending on the passing score, students may be eligible to claim college credits of 5, 10, or even 15 semester units. Students may now also consider fulfilling their minimum two-year high school world language requirement by studying a third language in high school.
“What makes these results more impressive is that our Spanish and French classes met only four days per week this year,” Arce said. “In addition, our year-round schedule meant that we had five fewer weeks of school before the exams were administered.”
Principal Arce added that this was the first year the official AP French class was offered.
For more information about Language Academy, contact the principal at 619-287-1182.