Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Superintendent Cindy Marten 'exceeds expectations'

The San Diego Unified Board of Trustees has released Superintendent Cindy Marten's first year evaluation, finding that "Cindy Marten has exceeded our expectations," in a joint statement released by the five-member Board of Trustees.

Supt. Cindy Marten "Ms Marten has exceeded our high expectations, embracing the board’s Vision 2020 and:
-  Has put teaching and learning at the center of the organization
-  Excels in her ability to reach out to the community and a broad range of stakeholders
-  Manages the larger vision of the district, while being attentive to all levels of operation
-  Has brought forth a strong team of leaders who share her passion for improving student achievement for all students.
-  Developing strong multi-year budget strategies

Responding to the Board of Education’s evaluation, Ms. Marten said she was "gratified by the Board's confidence," and "excited to continue this important work, alongside extraordinary educators and staff in ensuring we serve the needs of all of our amazing students."

The Board of Education focused its evaluation on four of the indicators for Quality Neighborhood Schools:
-  Access to broad and challenging curriculum
-  Quality Teaching
-  Quality Leadership and
-  Professional Learning for all

On the operational side, the key factor was budget development.

The following rubric was used to measure progress in each area:

Beginning – The Superintendent has launched the work and there is no evidence of progress yet.
Developing – The Superintendent has launched the work, is continuing to develop the implementation, and there is some evidence of progress.
Accomplishing – The Superintendent has accomplished the implementation of the work and progress is evident.
Extending – The Superintendent has accomplished the work and significant progress/impact is evident.

The School Board rated each focus area as follows:

Access to broad and challenging curriculum: Accomplishing
Quality Leadership: Extending
Quality Teaching: Developing
Professional Learning for All: Accomplishing
Operations and Budget Development: Extending

Trustees Extend Superintendent Cindy Marten's Contract Another Year

Superintendent Marten's accomplishments to date have reinforced the Board's confidence that her leadership will result in greater success for all students. Therefore, the board has decided to extend her contract for an additional year beyond the original four-year contract.

The Board of Education indicated that, “while many challenges are ahead, we are confident that under the leadership of Cindy Marten, all students will thrive and have the opportunity for success.”