Friday, November 21, 2014

Board President's Scholarship Recipients

 Since 1994, San Diego Unified has presented the Board President’s Scholarship to monthly, classified district employees who are currently enrolled in a college and have a goal of becoming a teacher. 

The scholarship award is presented annually by the President of the Board of Education to four monthly classified employees interested in becoming a teacher and who are already enrolled in a college program. Each recipient receives $1,000. Scholarship funds are to be used for tuition, fees or books at any local two- or four-year accredited college or university.

Long-time district Partners-in- Education , California Coast Credit Union and Mission Federal Credit Union, support the scholarships with donations of $2,000 per financial institution.

The 2014 Board President's Scholarship recipients were announced and recognized at the Nov. 18 Board of Education meeting.
Each recipient received a plaque and check for $1,000 from the respective credit unions:

2014 Mission Federal Credit Union Awardees

Vanessa Jackson

Vanessa Jackson Vanessa is currently a special education assistant at Jones Elementary School. Although Vanessa has always wanted to become a teacher, she questioned which grade level and subject to pursue. After working with special needs students during her college internship she had found her calling.

“I am filled with enthusiasm to have the opportunity to concurrently work with special needs children and gain knowledge to become an effective special education teacher," Vanessa stated.

Vanessa’s colleagues describe her as a self-starter who is devoted to her students. She is currently attending National University to earn her Special Education Mild/Moderate teaching credential.

Kadie Shedd

Katie Shedd Kadie is a special education assistant at Scripps Ranch High School. Kadie plans to use this scholarship award to continue her education in Arizona State University’s online Bachelor’s program.

“Teaching is not a profession one chooses to be involved in," Kadie said. "It is a calling; a deeply rooted understanding and passion that cannot be learned in a classroom.”

Her colleagues think she has already proven her effectiveness as a teacher and added “she has innate teacher instincts, and she is always finding ways to help give students the extra guidance and motivation the need to meet each day’s objectives.”

2014 California Coast Credit Union Awardees

Cynthia Jackson

Cynthia Jackson Cynthia is a special education technician at ALBA Community Day School. Since beginning her career with the San Diego Unified in 1987, she has held several positions within the Special Education Department helping the students that needed her the most.

“My passion for giving back to the community motivates me to give all that I can to repay the debt of gratitude I owe to the powerful role models from my youth who inspired me to become a teacher, Cynthia stated.

Cynthia’s colleagues describe her as a dedicated professional and an “invaluable asset to all.” She currently attends San Diego City College to earn her Degree in Liberal Arts and African Studies.

Craig M. Williams

Craig Williams Craig has been employed at Silvergate Elementary as a noon duty assistant since 2010 and a science assistant since 2012. He plans to use this scholarship award to complete his education and earn his teaching credential.

Craig believes that with this opportunity he will be able to, “continue to touch the lives of students in my care.”

Craig’s colleagues admire his ability to reach out to students as individuals and take a personal interest in their success. One teacher writes, “He genuinely pays attention to each child and is responsive to individual needs.” Craig believes that with this opportunity he will be able to, “continue to touch the lives of students in my care.”

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