Monday, November 10, 2014

Development of transition plan to align all schools on a single calendar is underway

San Diego Unified is in the early stages of transitioning all district schools to a single traditional academic calendar to replace the current system in which there are 118 traditional and 54 year-round schools.
Transitioning schools to one calendar offers a variety of positive benefits and supports for families. Currently, some families have siblings in both traditional and year-round schools, which can pose challenges for childcare, vacations and other activities because students are not on break at the same time. A single calendar also serves families who rely on older siblings to look after younger children.

In addition, a single district-wide calendar will better accommodate students who transfer from one site to another without loss of instructional days due to mismatched calendars. Students of military families who receive orders in June will not lose instructional time due to leaving before the year-round schedule ends. Read more.