Monday, October 4, 2010

More Resources for Mental Health Programs

New programs aimed at strengthening student mental health and preventing teen suicide are now underway in 15 district schools, and more schools and training are on the way. The program is called SPEAK, Suicide Prevention Education Awareness and Knowledge.

The Mental Health Resource Center (MHRC), in conjunction with the district's Counseling and Guidance Department, were awarded a contract through San Diego County Mental Health to implement a districtwide suicide prevention and education program in collaboration with the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program.

The 15 schools launching the program starting this fall are Crawford Educational Complex, Hoover, Garfield and Mission Bay high schools; Clark, Correia, De Portola, Lewis, Montgomery, Wangenheim and Wilson middle schools; and TRACE.

The launch of the program has already resulted in the formation of suicide prevention specialty teams at each school. All 7th, 9th and 11th grade students and school staffs (including parents/guardians wanting to be involved) will receive training in suicide prevention education over the next five semesters. During spring semester more training and additional schools will be added to the program.

In addition to schools, training has included staff from School Police, Transportation, Mental Health Resources, Behavior Support, School Psychologists, Nursing and Wellness, and Counseling and Guidance departments.
For more information, please contact Jean Foster, SPEAK coordinator, at (619) 523-0708.

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