Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hombre Noble Program Provides Life-Changing Experiences

Hombre Noble Program
Students and counselors in the Hombre Noble Program.
 Hombre Noble counselors
Chicano and Latino male students, who have participated in the Circulo de Hombres/Hombre Noble Program, also participated in an annual rites of passage retreat held from Sept. 9-11.

The retreat was held at the local Native American reservation at Manzanita. These young men were provided with a life changing experience held in a safe and healthy environment which helped to facilitate their journey into higher education, and try to reverse the trends of violence, and educational disregard that continues to plague Chicano and Latino males.

The Hombre Noble Program is a ten-week curriculum designed for grade levels 5-12 Chicano and Latino males. The curriculum covers culture, history, self-esteem building, career exploration and goal setting.

The students were chaperoned by Macedonio Arteaga, Pupil Advocate, Race Human Relations and Advocacy Program, and Mario Valladolid, District Counselor, Race Human Relations and Advocacy Program.

For more information, contact Agin Shaheed , Program Manager, Race Human Relations & Advocacy Program, 858-490-8678.