Friday, September 2, 2011

New Murals at Zamorano Greet 2011-12 School Year

 Painting at Zamorano
New murals will greet the 2011-12 students to Zamorano Fine Arts Academy as the fifth grade class of 2010-11 left a present behind as they moved on to middle school.

Just completed when school ended in July (Zamorano is on the year-round schedule), the school's art department marked the third year of completing this legacy project, something for students to come back and view at their old school, according to teacher Don Masse.

"We got the go ahead from Principal King and last Monday I was drawing it out on a 24-foot wall on our north campus," he wrote on his blog. "Once it was drawn out, fifth grade students rotated through for the next six days to add color and life to a beige wall.

"Each student was able to work for about 20 minutes on the wall. With over 200 5th graders we need to keep moving students through, so they all get an opportunity to help beautify the campus and leave a permanent positive mark on our school community."