Friday, September 9, 2011

Redistricting Proposal Goes to Board of Education

The Board of Education has received recommendations from its Redistricting Committee and is scheduled to consider the new sub-district maps at its meeting Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The recommended map balances the population between trustee subdistricts to below a .9 percent maximum deviation, well within the 10 percent permitted. The recommended map also includes a summary of the ethnic population data for each sub district. The recommended map makes the following changes to the current subdistrict boundaries:
  1. Mission Valley West goes from C to B
  2. Mission Hills and Midtown go from C to D 
  3. Azalea/Hollywood Park goes from D to E
  4. Rolando Park goes from B to E
  5. Part of Normal Heights go from D to B
  6. Part of Cortez, Core-Columbia and East Village go from C to D
  7. Hoover High School moves from B to D. Includes a part of Talmadge neighborhood
These boundary adjustments impact the board representation of three schools; Hoover High School, Grant Elementary and Clay Elementary. The RAC received public comment in support of this recommended map and made adjustments to reflect public comment received on the website and in public meetings. The Committee recommends that the Board of Education adopt this recommended map with no changes.