Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kearny High SCT Shows Skills at Science Fest

Sampling soil.
Soil samples -- how to take them and the results students found in their investigation of Tecolote Canyon -- were the topics shared with visitors by students from the EnTec Academy at the Kearny High's School of Science-Connections-Technology (SCT) at the recent San Diego Science Festival Expo.

EnTech, a specialized academy within SCT funded through a California Partnership Academies grant, involves students with UC San Diego's Science Bridge program, which links local research first with schools.
Academy students presented GIS maps and soil sample data they collected from a recent field trip to Tecolote Canyon; they demonstrated and taught visitors how to test soil samples and interpret the results.

The EnTec students are working on a cross-curricular project called My Green Life. The project is shared by the students' English, biology, and Global Information Systems (GIS) courses. The goal of the project is to have student connect emotionally and intellectually with the world around them. The students believe that appreciation is the first step to conservation.

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