Friday, June 29, 2012

Holocaust Survivor Inspires CPMA Students

Dr. Edie Eger
 Dr. Edie Eger
Students at the Creative Performing and Media Arts Middle School (CPMA) were inspired by the visit of Dr. Edie Eger, a survivor of the Holocaust who later in life became a clinical psychologist in La Jolla.

Dr. Eger visited the school and discussed how she survived the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. She also gave the students inspirational words on bullying, identity and goals. Her visit was part of the Grade 8 Ann Frank/Holocaust curriculum.

"Students who walked away from the assembly took with them a greater understanding of human perseverance and putting life into perspective," said Principal Scott Thomason. "Dr. Eger talked about how the choices we make define who we become."

Although CPMA has an arts focus, students receive all the same educational opportunities of any middle schooler in the San Diego Unified School District. Dr. Eger's visit was one of many by experts in their field to the school.

"Students learned that even in the most dire of circumstances, a person can choose to ignore, choose to walk away, choose to survive," said Thomason. "She also left them with the message of community in a story she told of how, though hungry beyond belief, her choice to share her meager loaf of bread with other starving prisoners, later led to her very survival on the famed Death March, when these same women formed a human chair to carry her when to stop walking meant death."

Thomason added that students were openly moved by her courage, her strength, and her belief that through recovery comes discovery and that with each life event they face, students are given the choice to learn and grow or blame and repeat.

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