Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lindbergh/Schweitzer, iMiddle Share Anti-Bulling Effort

Let It Begin With Me It started with Lindbergh Schweitzer students walking to Madison High School in January to exchange a banner to honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s message of peace entitled "Let it Begin With Me."

The next step was taken in April when the ILEAD Team from Madison High School gave a presentation about bullying to the Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary fifth and sixth graders, and demonstrated ways students can empower themselves against bullies on campus.

Another step was taken on May 29 when Lindbergh/Schweitzer student government leaders were welcomed by the counterparts at nearby Innovation Middle School as they continue to move their anti-bullying message forward by sharing their "Let it Begin With Me" banner for students to sign and make a pledge.

It is the hope of the students at Lindbergh Schweitzer that the banner travel through the Madison Community of Schools as a message of campus unification against bullying of any kind.

iMiddle A.S.B. Adviser Chantal Bonfond stated that this exchange was a good step in launching a similar program at their site. This was another successful Service Learning project begun by the students at Lindbergh Schweitzer.

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