Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New House is Product at Kearny Construction Tech

Casita de CTA A one-bedroom, 512-square foot apartment was completed this spring by students at Kearny High's Stanley E. Foster Construction Tech Academy.

Called the Casita de CTA, it took two years worth of students in the Advanced Construction class to design and build the apartment. They created the drawings for the building, then worked on all phases of construction, including framing, electrical, plumbing, exterior siding, drywall installation and taping, as well as installation of all doors, windows and interior cabinets.

"This project represents the collective effort of all the students," said Principal Laura Bellofatto. "The Casita stands as a symbol of their dedication, attention to detail and hard work."

Civil engineering, architecture and other courses helped the students gain the knowledge to design and build the apartment. Offered through the Regional Occupational Program (ROP), these courses prepare give students the technical skills and knowledge required for entry-level employment, or valuable hands-on skills for those students entering four-year university programs.