Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 'Girls of Merit' include two Patrick Henry Patriots

Two additional "Girls of Merit" named at last fall's Girls Expo are from the San Diego Unified School District and attend Patrick Henry High.

Lauren Hanke-Hoppe and Alexandra Kelly of Patrick Henry High joined Jessica Danga of Mira Mesa High as honorees from the San Diego Unified School District.
Alexandra Kelly, left, and Lauren Hanke-Hopps
The Nov. 3 ceremony picked 10 girls from around the region. They're honored for their care about their family, their friends, and their community; because they give of themselves in order to better the lives of others; have care and compassion for others; and are strongly committed to excellence in all areas of their lives.

The announcement of Hanke-Hoppe's award notes that the sophomore is active in sports and has many other activities.

"Playing competitive tennis and participating in many other athletic activities, maintaining a high grade-point average and engaging in extensive community service would be huge accomplishments for anyone, even if they weren't in a wheelchair," the promoters wrote.

Classmate Alexandra Kelly helped future generations of San Diegans by holding workshops for elementary school students.

"Participants not only learned practices for making reading with their siblings more productive and enjoyable, but the they als assembled and painted small bookcases for their siblings to use in building their home libraries," according to the event's program.

For more information on the Girls World Expo, check out its website.