Tuesday, January 7, 2014

San Diego Unified's practices in line with new California Pupil Rights Act

California's new School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266) law reflects practices that have been in place at San Diego Unified School District schools for many years. Since September, a multi-disciplinary team has been working on the formal implementation of the new law, revising current policies for Board of Education consideration in coming weeks.

The practices that have been in place ensure that the rights of all children in San Diego Unified schools are respected and protected. The process involves not only the student, but parents, counselors and staff.

"For many years, educators have been handling this in a delicate, thoughtful and compassionate manner; that will continue," said Board of Education President Kevin Beiser. "We respect all rights and provide accommodations for all our students, including transgender children."
Parents with concerns or questions about the practices and policies can speak with their child's school principal.

"We want to assure parents, students and our community that because this new law is in effect, it doesn't mean that a student can use any restroom or other on-campus, gender-specific facility that they choose," said Beiser. "There will continue to be a process for working with children and their families to determine what is the appropriate course of action for that child."

The Board of Education is scheduled to review the policy revisions at its January 14 meeting.