Sunday, March 23, 2014

Race and Human Relations pupil advocate is now a city arts commissioner

Macedonio Arteaga Jr., a pupil advocate in the Race Human Relations and Advocacy Department, has been appointed to the City of San Diego’s Commission for Arts and Culture. Macedonio Arteaga Jr.

The panel advises San Diego's mayor and city council on promoting, encouraging and increasing support for the arts and culture institutions of San Diego.

Macedonio sees this appointment as an opportunity to help the City of San Diego fulfill its mission “to promote, encourage and increase support for the region’s artistic and cultural assets, integrating arts and culture into community life and showcasing San Diego as an international tourist destination.”

Arteaga brings to this appointment an extensive background in the visual and performing arts, directing plays and sharing his knowledge of unusual musical instruments. He has been able to share his expertise locally, nationally and internationally making an impact on students and adults from diverse educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Commission consists of 15 volunteers appointed by the Mayor of San Diego, supported by a professional staff.