Thursday, March 20, 2014

World-renown chef cooks with elementary, high school students

Jerabek Elementary and Scripps Ranch High school students have learned from a professional chef how easy it is to create delicious, healthy meals during a recent visit to their schools.Jerabek Elementary students with Chef Mark Ainsworth

Chef Mark Ainsworth, Professor of Culinary at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and three Jerabek third grade student helpers demonstrated how easy it is to create a delicious whole grain rice bowl with lots of fresh vegetables. Assistant chefs Emily Anderson, Ally Medeiros and Kennedy White stir-fried a combination of healthy, tasty ingredients and served them over whole grain brown rice to fellow students.

At the same time, Ainsworth sampled San Diego Unified's menu at the elementary Kids' Choice Café and the middle-high school SanDi Coast Café, telling NBC 7 that the offerings were "packed with solid, healthy items."

“I think it’s more nutritionally-balanced at school than it would be at home, unless mom or dad is a nutritionist or dietician,” said Ainsworth.
The visit promoted the use of healthy whole grains and encouraged students to enter the San Diego Unified’s Kid’s Create Recipe Contest.

Chef Ainsworth also talked to culinary students at Scripps Ranch High School where he shared his career path as a chef and various professional chef cooking techniques.

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