Tuesday, March 25, 2014

UC San Diego athletes IMPACT Edison Elementary

UC San Diego Pediatrics and San Diego Unified's Physical Education, Health and Athletics are combining forces to IMPACT student health and well-being at Edison Elementary School in City Heights.
Working out at Edison
The IMPACT program -- Increasing Movement and Physical Activity in Class Time -- helps involve kindergarten and first-grade students in 20 minute workouts, twice a week. UC San Diego athletes visit the school during one of the weekly sessions, helping the kids during the 20 minute workouts through five physical-activity stations.

"It is great for our students to interact with the wonderful athletes from UC San Diego," said Derek Murchison, Principal of Edison Elementary. "I can't really say who has more fun, our kids or the UC San Diego kids, but it it is a fantastic experience for all."

The program is part of the curriculum available from San Diego Unified's Department of Physical Education, Health and Athletics. It was developed by the district's Lynn Barnes-Wallace at Hage Elementary in Mira Mesa.

"IMPACT works because it is easy to implement, inexpensive, the resources are available online and all students are engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity throughout each 20-minute session," said Kaitlin Mohr, a UC San Diego Pediatrics intern in the School Wellness Program, Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch, who works with the Edison students.

For more information on the program, contact Murchison at dmurchison@sandi.net .