Friday, March 13, 2015

Correia Middle student brings school together to bury time capsule

Correia Middle School recently celebrated their 30th anniversary by burying a time capsule in front of their library, and a ceremony honoring the historic occasion. The event was made possible by the efforts of one student.

Steven Correia, Jake Wade
 Steven Correia and Jacob Wade
As part of his participation in ASB, Jacob Wade was working with the yearbook class and organizing storage rooms. He happened to find a yearbook from Correia Middle School’s class of 1985.

This was the school’s first yearbook after transitioning from Collier Junior High to Correia Middle. Jake recognized how rare it was that his school was named after somebody who was still alive, Steven V. Correia, an influential glassblowing artist.

Combined with his interest in history, this spark gave Jake a hunger for more knowledge of his school’s past.

“One of my big projects was to organize the yearbooks from 1979 to present day,” Jake said. “I had gone through a lot of old back rooms and found a lot of things that students used in the 80s, a lot of different floppy discs, card stocks from the foundation and letters that had actually been written from Mr. Correia to the people who designed our logos in Hawaii.”

In May 2014, Jake was finishing 7th grade when he had the idea to bury a time capsule in honor of Correia Middle’s 30th anniversary. Rejoining ASB in 8th grade gave him the opportunity to make his idea a reality. With help from Correia Middle Principal Jonathan McDade, librarian Julie McKay and other ASB members, Jake spearheaded the event.

“The challenge was getting the physical set-up and getting from a concept to actually making it happen,” Jake said.

On January 16, ASB representatives, PTA members, staff and students gathered on campus in celebration of their school’s heritage. Steven Correia and Principal McDade gave speeches. Then Jake gave a speech about the history of the school. After that, Jake and Principal McDade lowered the time capsule into a hole in front of the library.

Inside the time capsule is present day memorabilia such as letters to the future, newspapers, pictures of President Obama and information on current trends. There are also four yearbooks from four decades: 1984, 1994, 2004 and 2014.

Jake Wade, Principal McDade Jake knew from the beginning that this ceremony would be a big project, but with help, he was confident that he could pull it off.

“Even though I’m just a student, and I’m not anything special at the school, I can contact the newspaper, I can contact the news and I can make a big thing happen,” Jake said. “If I just get into the school, get involved, there’s nothing stopping me from making something happen.”

Jacob Wade is something special. He is an ambitious young student who took the initiative to honor his school’s legacy. He also plans to continue being a part of ASB as he goes into high school.

“I like getting involved in the school, I like feeling more a part of the school than just a student who goes to the school,” Jake said.

As for digging up Correia Middle’s time capsule in 2045, he will definitely be there.

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