Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fulton K-8 unveils new Mission and Vision Mural

The new Mission and Vision Mural at Fulton Pre-K-8 embodies everything that the school stands for. It is a visual representation of the schools mission, vision and values.

Fulton Mission and Values Mural The mural includes a bridge to the 21st century and a globe made of puzzle pieces to signify the new economy and the importance of collaboration and communication to ensure global success. The space shuttle on the mural represents the limitless possibilities if you dream big. Additionally, the images of students represent the diversity that exists at Fulton.

While the throwing of the tassels in the air is the ultimate goal – graduation from college and competing in the 21st century global economy in a career of the scholars’ choice – the final product was always about setting high expectations for students and conveying that message to the larger community.

The Mission and Vision Mural was a collaborative effort involving the students, staff, community and muralist Matthew Cavanagh. This is one of many murals on the Fulton campus.

Fulton Pre-K-8 School is committed to ensuring that each student is prepared to graduate from college with the requisite aptitude to compete in the 21st century with the skills that higher education requires and the workforce demands.

To learn more about muralist Matthew Cavanagh please visit http://www.mafasd.com/ or matt@mafasd.com or 619-306-2876.