Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Licensed Children’s Institute (LCI) Program Shining Star

Student Trista Casey of the Licensed Children's Institute Program has been chosen to give the graduation speech for the high school diploma program at Garfield High School.

Trista, who has been in the foster youth and juvenile justice systems, managed to change the trajectory of her life through her determination and relationships with a counselor and two teachers who refused to give up on her.

Trista is graduating Friday from the Student Apprenticeship Program after successfully completing training in the hospitality industry at the Marriott Marina.

Read her graduation speech (Adobe PDF).

Teachers from San Diego Unified in the Licensed Children's Insitute program provide educational services to students in hospitals and social agencies throughout San Diego. The hospital or agency provides a treatment program for students with emotional difficulties or other issues affecting their lives. The program does not control the student’s admission or discharge. The population served may be in general or special education. For more information, please contact Program Manager Pamela Hosmer at (619) 725-7054.

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