Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crawford CHAMPs Students Learn to Think “FAST” at Alvarado Hospital

Craford Students at Alvarado Hospital' On June 7, Crawford CHAMPs (Community Health and Medical Practices) students took a private tour of Alvarado Hospital and learned how to play a critical role in preventing a stroke: by using the FAST system -- Face, Arms, Speech and Time. Each CHAMPs team had a patient to take through the phases of treatment: ambulatory care, transporting into the emergency room, radiology, pharmacy, in-patient and outpatient rehabilitation and surgery. CHAMPs students were given a rare opportunity to understand the hospital's procedure in treating stroke patients and walked away with a better understanding of how they can be advocates for prevention, awareness and safety. For more information, please contact CHAMPs Principal William Laine at (619) 583-2501.

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