Monday, June 14, 2010

Superintendent Search Update

The selection process for a new Superintendent is coming to a conclusion. On Tuesday, the Board of Education is scheduled to announce the final three candidates for the position. These candidates will be invited to participate in a televised interview and presentation to the community on Thursday, June 17, at 6 p.m., in the auditorium at the Eugene Brucker Education Center, 4100 Normal St. (92103).

This community presentation marks the culmination of a search process that has given the public many opportunities to share their opinions with the Board about the most desirable skills and personal qualities needed in the next Superintendent. Over the last three months, five town hall meetings were attended by parents, students, employees and community members and suggestions were also submitted through the district website. In addition, a board-appointed committee comprised of 15 volunteers helped facilitate the town hall meetings and reviewed all applications for the position.

On June 17, each final candidate will have 45 minutes to answer questions submitted in advance by the public, and to present their qualifications. The presentations are open to the public and will be webcast as well as shown live on Cable Channel 16. Please submit your suggested questions through the Superintendent Search website or .

Following the presentation, the Board of Education will conduct final interviews and make a selection of the new Superintendent by the end of June or in early July. For more information, contact Bernie Rhinerson, Chief District Relations Officer, at (619) 725-5578 or .

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