Thursday, June 17, 2010

District Educator to Serve on National Council

Barbara Baron, program manager of the Instructional Media Center, was recently selected to serve on the National Council on Digital Citizenship and Creative Content. The Council, formed earlier this year, aims to understand and address K-12 school systems’ needs to teach appropriate, educational, responsible, and fair usage of digital content -- the music, movies, software, and other digital media with which students interact every day. The Council, made possible by Microsoft sponsorship, includes roughly 50 educators and administrators across the nation. The Council will evaluate current levels of awareness and understanding around the concept of digital citizenship, establish best practices for digital content development and usage in K-12 environments, and advocate for relevant local, state, and regional academic standards. Council members will collaborate on various initiatives including a blog, white paper and resources for other educators that provide ideas for how best to encourage responsible digital citizenship among students and schools. For more information about the Council, please visit .

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