Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crawford Students Hear Holocaust Story

Crawford students welcome RoseCHAMPs High School was honored to host Rose Schindler as an afterschool speaker recently in the Crawford Complex Library.

CHAMPS Engish teacher Jacob Womack invited Rose to speak to his English class after they finished reading Elie Wiesel’s Night. Realizing the importance of such a speaker on campus, all four small schools were invited to attend.

Rose is a Holocaust survivor that grew up only 20 km. from Elie Wiesel. This wonderful connection allowed the curriculum of Night to come alive in Rose’s address to the students.

More than 80 Crawford students attended the event after school in which Rose retold her account of living through the Holocaust, which included the separation and loss of her parents, her dealings with the Nazi SS officers and the joy of her liberation.

Rose’s historical past brought a personal insight to the horrible experiences that people went through during the Holocaust.

For more information, contact CHAMPs Principal William Laine at (619) 583-2501.

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