Monday, February 28, 2011

Grant, Other Schools Place In Science Olympiad

In their first Science Olympiad, among 85 teams from 27 San Diego County schools, Grant K-8 School Geckos and Iguanas placed within the top 20 teams for Road Scholar, Solar System and Storm the Castle.

The Science Olympiad is a one-day competition with 23 events in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering. Some events are written tests while others are building-activities for devices or objects which satisfy a specific set of criteria and/or perform prescribed tasks.

Grant School participants, their parents and their coaches are already looking forward to next year’s Science Olympiad. Coaches are needed for students to participate in all events. For more information on this rewarding experience, contact Denise Santoro, head coach, Grant Science Olympiad, at (619) 607-0592.

Meanwhile, results show the following schools placing in the top 10 in their divisions.
  • Division B, grades 6-9, Feb. 5: Marshall Middle, 2 (tie).
  • Division C, grades 9-12, Feb. 20: University City, 7; Scripps Ranch, 10.

Go to the San Diego Science Olympiad website for more information.