Saturday, February 19, 2011

San Diego Unified Emergency School Supplies Fund

Donate Now Now more than ever, our schools need support from the local community. Due to the ongoing budget crisis, schools have had to drastically cut supply budgets for the new school year. San Diegans can help by contributing to the recently established San Diego Unified Emergency School Supplies Fund, approved by the Board of Education on Feb. 15 and administered through the San Diego Foundation. Individuals with and without school-age children are encouraged to contribute. At a recent news conference and with checkbooks in hand, representatives from several local businesses and community groups offered their support and encouragement for voluntary donations.

Donations to the fund will support school supply budgets at every district school, with the exception of charter schools. An individual gift of $98 is suggested -- equal to what property owners would have had to pay if a tax, rejected in November, would have been approved by voters. All donations are tax deductible. Donate now in support of our students or learn more about the Emergency School Supplies Fund, including Frequently Asked Questions.