Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Accident 'Victims' in Drill Are Lincoln Hornets

Lincoln student drill
No students were injured in this drill.
Lincoln triage
A mock incident is one of the best ways to learn about a disaster and students in Lincoln High's Fire Protection Academy recently did just that.

The mock incident was a traffic collision resulting in an explosion causing multiple injuries. The entry level students, those taking the Fire Protection 1-2 course, acted as the patients/victims with various injuries.

The Journeyman level students, those taking the Fire Protection 3-4 course, acted as the first responders and firefighter/rescuers conducting search and rescues and triaging/packaging patients for transportation.

The Capstone level students, those taking the Fire Protection 5-6 course, acted as the Emergency Medical Services personnel which re-triaged the patients and provided treatment.

Students from two other courses in the school also assisted in the mock incident: Criminal Justice students acted as law enforcement personnel providing support to fire personnel, and Tools for the Digital Age students filmed the event and will create public relations materials.

Representatives from the San Diego Fire Department were on-site to evaluate and provide feedback to the students. At the conclusion of the mock incident, the feedback from San Diego Fire included a suggestion for increased communication during the event. The fire chief used a personal example of the Witch Creek fire and explained how the lack of communication in the beginning of the incident put them at a disadvantage.

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