Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fun Café Brings Free Lunch to Year-Round Students

April brings multiple opportunities for San Diego Unified School District children on Spring Break to have free lunches and snacks and participate in family BBQs as Spring Fun Café begins a three-week run on Monday, April 4.

Lunch is free to kids age 18 and younger at eight City of San Diego Recreation Centers and eight schools. Some of the locations will also have breakfast and snacks available.

Two Spring Fun Café family barbecues are also being held on the following dates:

April 13: Memorial Park, 2902 Marcy Ave. (next to Logan Elementary).

April 20: Cherokee Point Elementary, 3735 38th St. (92105).

This program is a collaboration between the San Diego Unified Food Services Department and Office of Youth in Transition and the schools involved; City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department; Jackie Robinson YMCA; and Feeding America San Diego.

The program is funded by the Seamless Summer Lunch Program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Spring Fun Café Schedule

2011 Spring Intersession Meals at SDUSD Schools

School Breakfast Lunch Times Address Dates
Burbank Elementary 8:10-8:20AM 12:40-1:10PM 2146 Julian Ave. 92113 April 11-22
Chavez Elementary 12:30-1:00PM 2751 Greyling Dr. 92123 April 11-22
Cherokee Point Elementary 8:00-8:20AM 1:00-1:20PM 3735 38th St. 92105 April 11-22
Ericson Elementary 12:10-12:30PM 11174 Westonhill Dr. 92126 April 11-22
Jones Elementary 11:35AM-12:20PM 2751 Greyling Dr. 92123 April 11-22
Webster Elementary 12:50-1:30PM 4801 Elm St. 92102 April 11-22
Wilson Middle School 12:30-1:00PM 3838 Orange Ave. 92105 April 11-22

2011 Spring Intersession Lunches at Parks and YMCA

Location Lunch Times Address Dates
Jackie Robinson YMCA 12:00-1:00PM 151 YMCA Way 92105 April 4-29
City Heights Park & Rec 12:00-1:00PM 4380 Landis St. 92105 April 4-29
Kearny Mesa Park & Rec 12:00-1:00PM 3170 Armstrong 92111 April 4-8
Linda Vista Park & Rec 12:30-1:30PM 7064 Levant St. 92111 April 4-29
Mountain View Park & Rec 1:00-2:00PM 641 So. Boundary St. 92113 April 4-29
Paradise Hills Park & Rec 1:00-2:00PM 6610 Potomac St. 92139 April 4-29
Penn Athletic Field 12:00-1:00PM 2555 Dusk Dr. 92139 April 4-8
Southcrest Park & Rec 12:00-1:00PM 4149 Newton Ave. 92113 April 18-29
Willie Henderson Park & Rec 12:30-1:30PM 1035 So. 45th St. 92113 April 4-29

CONTACT: For more information, contact Joanne Tucker at or (858) 627-7316.