Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prop. S Website Gets Perfect Score

The San Diego Taxpayers Educational Foundation gave the district’s Proposition S website ( a “perfect score” in a report (read report) it released Tuesday, April 12. The foundation studied 15 San Diego County school districts with active, voter-approved facilities bond programs.

The districts were analyzed on cost savings, state dependence and public transparency. The score card for public transparency included 11 factors. The district’s Prop. S website, developed by the district’s Communications Office and the Facilities Planning and Construction Division, features detailed information on school projects, the Prop. S Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee, schedule, budget, audits, program status updates and more.

The website is consistent with the superintendent’s and board of education’s initiatives to increase transparency and accountability. For more information, visit the website, e-mail or call (619) 725-7252.

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