Thursday, December 8, 2011

CHAMPs Teacher Cited As Having 'Life-Changing Academic Influence'

Winn Jonathan Winn, calculus teacher at Crawford High's School of Community Health and Medical Practices (CHAMPs), was recently honored by the Carlston Family Foundation as an Outstanding Teacher of America.

Honorees are nominated by former students for having a profound, life-changing academic influence on their lives. 

"Mr. Winn was my most exceptional teacher," said one student. "He never discriminated against any student, yet, there were so many of us who were ill prepared and did not have even basic math skills. However, everyone was welcome to take his class.

"He would take extra time to re-teach physics or geometry if we did not have the foundation. He helped us do things we never thought were possible. He was determined we would learn Calculus. He pushed us because he believed in us. Because of his inspiration took and passed the AP Calculus exam and also took and passed the AP History and Psychology Exams. He made me believe in myself." 

Winn was one of five California teachers to receive this honor given to educators who, by their own example, demonstrate the value of knowledge through their commitment to their students' academic successes.

Winn was named San Diego Unified's 2011 High School Teacher of the Year in May.

Read more on the Carlston Family Foundation website.