Saturday, December 10, 2011

Serra High Invites Parents to Experience Their Child's School Day

Brandon and his mom, Kay
Student Brandon shows his mom, Kay, around school.
What would it be like for adults to go back in time to their high school days?

At Serra High, parents can experience it every year during "Come to School With Your Student Day." It allowed parents and guardians to "shadow" their child at school, spending time in their classrooms, observing during actual instruction time and even having lunch in the cafeteria.

Parents and guardians say they gain a better understanding of what their student is doing at school and in the classrooms.Others said it was helpful to “shadow” their student for the day and be reminded of what it’s like to be in high school again!

In addition to getting a taste of campus life, workshops on Naviance, the district's college and career planning tool, and A-G high school graduation requirements provided parents and guardians with information and resources to support their student’s academic success. The Nov. 10 event was the third-annual "Come to School With Your Student Day."

"Serra High believes that events like this are an excellent way to encourage parents to be more actively engaged in their student’s education," said Principal Mike Jimenez. "Allowing parents to observe classrooms during actual instruction time,for example, provides valuable insight into such things as specific teaching methods and styles. Walking the campus with the students during the day allows parents to experience the true climate and culture of our school."

Serra recognizes the value of parental involvement at school and continues to strive to help all students achieve academic success. For more information, contact Marie Byrd, parent support liaison, at 858-496-8342 x231