Saturday, December 3, 2011

Whitman Fourth Graders Skype Author Sharon Creech

 Writer Sharon Creech,
on screen, talks
to students at
Whitman Elementary
via internet teleconference.
What inspires a writer?

Whitman Elementary School fourth grader Elias Palacio found out that, for Sharon Creech, it's things that have happened in her own life. Creech, author of popular novels The Wanderer, Granny Torrelli Makes Soup, Ruby Holler, Replay, and Heartbeat, recently met with Elias and other students in Denise Maggard's class via Skype, the internet-video service.

The fourth graders are currently writing narrative texts, and after reading Ms. Creech’s books, they became familiar with her writing style. In addition to the interactive 30-minute question-and-answer session about her books and writing, the students were elated to meet the person who wrote some of their favorite books.

The Nov. 18 interview reinforced what Ms. Maggard tries to teach her students: write what you know about your own life. After being immersed in narrative texts, the fourth graders have begun to craft their own fiction stories based on their own lives.

For additional information, contact Denise Maggard at or 858-273-2700.