Monday, June 2, 2014

Encanto Elementary transformed into cool EnviroSchool

Birds, snakes and even Dr. Zoolittle invaded Encanto Elementary and the students now know better how to care for their environment.

Snake says hi to Encanto students
"EnviroSchool" is a fun and educational workshop that features "scientists" performing a variety of fun and innovative activities for the students and student participation is part of the lesson. The program, which took a full morning, starts Students were greeted by Dr. Zoolittle -- the San Diego Zoo's zany and good-natured "animal researcher" character. During his introductory assembly, Dr. Zoolittle used magic and animals to teach students about wildlife conservation and recycling through audience interaction and lots of friendly humor.

Encanto students then had the opportunity to participate in three structured learning activities.
  • The Splash Van: A mobile science lab featuring five different stations where kids use computers, microscopes, chemistry experiments and living creatures to learn about water quality and insect life. The lab teaches students the connection between human activities and the health of the environment. 
  • The Green Machine: An interactive exploration program that teaches agricultural awareness at three stations: a soils research station with live earthworms, the water cycle station with dramatic role play scenarios and costumes, and an integrated pest management station with interactive role play and insect puppets. 
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Presentation, and the Recycling Relay: A hands-on presentation with displays of items made with recycled materials that teaches students the importance of waste prevention, reducing, reusing, composting, and recycling followed by a high-energy recycling race where the environment is the winner. 
The Green Machine, Splash Van and relay are operated by the San Diego County Office of Education. Find out more by contacting Debbie Baker, Principal Encanto Academic Academy, at619-344-6700.