Wednesday, June 4, 2014

UC High 'Art Attack' brings together campus's budding artists

Artwork, video production, and theatrical pieces came together in one evening of fun as UC High's ArtsTECH academy gave its students in grades 10-12 a chance to perform before an audience of receptive fellow students, parents and community members.
Performing at Art Attack
Art Attack began with a visual arts show in which visitors enjoyed an impressive space-themed decor, food, and marvelous student artwork, according to teacher Ian McAvoy. Principal Jeff Olivero and ArtsTECH teacher Andy Zafuto were among those recipients of a talented student's less than favorable, but very funny, caricature.

Later, ArtsTECH's theater students performed numerous skits, monologues, and musical numbers, followed by video creations.

Productions included a noir-styled interrogation of UCHS's new Vice Principal, Mike Paredes, action films that brought awareness to persuasive techniques used in media, as well as animation that showed students' advanced skills in both drawing and technology. Other videos were presented by sophomores, who showed the work they created in a program with the Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California.

A piano solo piece, that was at times humorous, but also revealed the mixed emotions of leaving the loved academy for graduation, said McAvoy. Teacher Belinda Brown's theater students provided a heartfelt goodbye. Teacher Lauriel Adsit was the last to leave, as her admiring students helped put away the elaborate decorations.

This year's event was particularly emotional, as art teacher Lauriel Adsit and theater teacher Belinda Brown are retiring in June. Additionally, longtime ArtsTECH English teacher John Middleton is leaving for an administrative position at Lincoln High School, said McAvoy.

The ArtsTECH Academy is a three-year program (grades 10-12) which immerses students in a digital-arts focused curriculum incorporating technology, digital art and design skills. Special features include a state-of-the-art digital media lab, art studio, personalized tutoring, and staff and business partner expertise.

ArtsTECH is currently accepting applications from current freshmen to be a part of its 2014-15 sophomore class. For more information on the program, visit its website.