Friday, June 6, 2014

Message from Supt. Cindy Marten: Negotiations Updates coming soon

Prior to preparing our initial proposal for negotiations with the San Diego Education Association (SDEA), the district engaged in extensive outreach and information gathering from various stakeholder groups, including parents, students, staff and community members. We considered their feedback along with budget realities and our Vision 2020 in finalizing the initial proposal.

Our proposal stated that the district would be coming to the process seeking to negotiate "in an environment that includes mutual respect, collegiality, open sharing of information and ideas, understanding of each other's interests, mutual identification of fiscal and other obstacles in approaching total compensation, and a commitment to work toward the mutual goal of establishing a world-class school system for all of our students."

The district and SDEA negotiations teams have met five times since the public disclosure and Board adoption of the initial proposals. I am pleased to report that discussions during these meetings have been collegial, respectful and candid, and we continue to put student needs first. Five additional meetings are scheduled to take place before school begins in late August.

Now that the negotiations process is up and running, I will be providing regular messages entitled “Negotiations Updates.” The purpose of these messages is to make sure stakeholders are up-to-date on the status of negotiations, to promote respect for the process and the people involved, to openly share proposals exchanged, and provide information about proposals exchanged and the interests and rationales driving our work at the negotiations table.

I hope you will find these updates useful and informative.

Cindy Marten
Work Hard. Be Kind. Dream Big. No Excuses.